Non classé

A 40 year old wooden unit

November 2022 – Expertise of a beautiful wooden unit of 24 m old of more than 40 years. Probably a future collector’s item, but there is work to do!

Floods on the rivers of Languedoc

Due to the floods on the rivers of Languedoc, the recession left a boat on the bank. The area is inaccessible by land and the keel is totally sunken in the mud. We are in charge of finding ways to get it out of there….

Dismasted boat

The boat dismasted and the mast punctured the hull. A 51-hour tow to bring it back to port and a long case to start.

Transat Jacques Vabre 2021

Our friend Jean-Pierre BALMES is currently racing the Transat Jacques Vabre in Class 40. Follow his progress on :  //