Site Coordination

Renovating a boat is always a matter of passion.

However, the success of the project depends on the meticulous preparation of the project and the perfect coordination of the many parties involved.

Our mission is to assist you in defining the objectives and budgets and then to be your permanent representative throughout the project.

Our fees are paid by the owner (no commission on work), which allows us to be totally objective in our control work.

This service takes place in 6 steps

1 - Survey of the vessel

A thorough survey allows us to determine the real state of the vessel and to draw up a list of compulsory works and any improvements that can be considered.

2 - Definition of objectives and priorities

One or more meetings (or teleconferences) with the owner allow us to determine the objectives he wishes to achieve in technical and aesthetic terms. The various items are evaluated both financially and in terms of urgency and safety. An order of priority is then established. The choices are then made according to the budget allocated to the renovation project.

3 - Drawing up the estimates

We draw up the specifications to obtain clear, no-surprise quotes from various companies.

4 - Choice of contractors and orders

After discussion with the owner, the choices are made and orders placed with the companies. For this purpose, not only are the quotations accepted, but also orders are drawn up in due form with all the special conditions. Intermediate stages are defined with partial payments.

5 - Site monitoring

The work is regularly monitored and its proper execution checked. A report with photos is sent by e-mail at each important stage. The intermediate stages are validated and the partial payments are triggered.

6 - Acceptance of work
  • Complete check-up of the work
  • Testing
  • Verification of documentation and any warranty cards
  • Validation of final payments
  • Handover of keys