Conditions and general conduct of the expertise

  • This survey cannot be considered as a complete pre-purchase survey. There is no systematic examination of the living structures, the rigging and the sails (for sailing boats). The engine(s) are checked by a simple start-up test. Instruments and equipment are simply listed but not systematically tested.

  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours

    The survey of your vessel is an ideal time to carry out a really thorough check of the hull and equipment. It may therefore be useful to opt for a complete “pre-purchase” type survey. (Polyester sailboat survey)
    In this case there will be an exhaustive check of all the equipment, a masthead climb (for sailing boats) and a complete check-up of the engine(s).


Deck :

  • Hull / deck connection
  • Dearch for cracks and delaminations
  • Deck fittings and equipment
  • Windlass and mooring

Rigging :

  • Examination of the masthead assembly


Power unit :

  • Test for correct operation on start-up.

Internal networks :

  • Valves 12 or 24 V electrical circuit
  • 220 V Electrical circuit
  • Fresh water circuit
  • Gas circuit

Electronics :

  • Census of all equipment

Comfort equipment :

  • Census of all appliances


Approximately 20 to 30 pages with a conclusion:

  • Main recommendations
  • Estimate of the market value

Printable edition sent by e-mail (.pdf files) and by post (a CD is sent to your address)
A bound edition, on paper, can be provided on request.