Litigation Assistance

We intervene in 3 types of disputes

  • Dispute with a supplier :
    a badly assembled engine, a problem with the warranty…
  • Dispute after the purchase of a boat :
    non-compliance with the sales contract, claim against the former owner…
  • Dispute with the insurer:
    you think that the compensation proposal is not correct…

In all cases, we seek to favour an amicable solution by calling the opposing party to a contradictory expertise.

This adversarial expertise has the advantage of clarifying the parties’ positions. In the majority of cases, it enables an amicable agreement to be reached. In the event of disagreement, it constitutes the first piece of evidence (recognised by the courts) for the action before the courts.

For legal actions

We provide the lawyer with the indisputable material elements that will enable him to support the legal action. In the event of a judicial expertise, we assist you by giving technical advice to the opposing party.