Electrolysis Protection

The consequences of electrical leakage

  • When metals are in an electrolytic couple situation (contact with sea water or polluted coolant + direct contact or by any conductor) a current is produced and one of the 2 metals is destroyed.
  • This current is small and manageable with conventional anodes.
  • If an additional current is involved, the phenomenon accelerates and can quickly become unmanageable.
  • Knowing that contacts are almost impossible to remove, it is imperative to avoid leakage.

Materials used

  • A multimeter
  • An anode that can be immersed next to the boat
  • A reference anode (calomel anode)

General course of the expertise

  • Duration: at least half a day.

  • Vessel afloat.

  • Continuity test: Search for the possibility of currents flowing to the submerged parts of the engine.

  • Potential test: Search for potential differences that could create electrical currents (boat disconnected from the quay then boat connected to 220 V).

General conditions of the expertise

  • A few days before the expertise, an Expertise Mandate is sent by e-mail confirming the particular conditions (amount, date, place, time of the appointment…) and all the general conditions for final agreement.

  • The above description is a proposal that can be modified according to the technical and/or safety conditions encountered during the examination and considered as fixed by the applicant.