Author: cmed34

C.MED moves to new premises

C.MED’s offices are changing address. You can now find us near the portde plaisance de la Grande Motte – 367 Avenue Jean Bene – 34280 La Grande Motte.

Conference on osmosis and electrolysis

At the request of the Saint Cyprian Association of Port Users (ASCUP), we will be leading a conference on the theme “Osmosis and Electrolysis: insidious dangers”. In particular, we will addressmain causes and the preventive actions to be put in place to deal with these…

Launching the OUTREMER 5X

Since April 2013 we have been providing a site monitoring mission for the construction of an OUTREMER 5X at La Grande Motte. The vessel was launched in February 2014 for the first sea trials.