Ultrasonic measuring devices are used to determine the residual thickness of inaccessible and corroded metal parts.

It is particularly interesting for sheet metal keels with ballast blocked inside .

Until now, ultrasonic measuring technology has hardly given reliable results without stripping the metal.

We use the latest version of this type of equipment which, with a single echo, allows us to directly obtain the thickness of the coating (coating and paint) and the thickness measurement of the metal.

General course of the expertise
  • Duration: at least half a day
  • Ship ashore. (Areas accessible from inside can be tested afloat)
  • A grid pattern on the hull, usually at 50 cm intervals.
  • Identification of areas at risk: bilges, bilges, areas of contact with ballast.
  • Drawing up a plan of the boat with a port and starboard grid.
  • Survey of the thicknesses.
  • Full Report.


General terms and conditions of the expertise

A few days before the expertise, an Expertise Mandate is sent by e-mail confirming the particular conditions (amount, date, place, time of the appointment …) and all the general conditions for final agreement.

The above description is a proposal that can be modified according to the technical and/or safety conditions encountered during the examination and considered as fixed by the applicant.