Vedette > 60'


Vedette > 60'


Description Motor Vessel Expertise Over 60′.

General course of the expertise

Duration 2 or 3 days / surveyor (chronology to be defined according to logistical constraints)
Survey ashore minimum 2 hours
Survey afloat :

  • ½ day sea trial then examination afloat in port
  • Structure Review
  • Examination of all interior equipment

Review of the ship’s technical documentation and debriefing: ½ day


Examination of Ship’s Documentation :

  • Verification that plans and technical documentation are available and possibly of current guarantees.

Survey ashore

Immerged parts :
  • Osmosis control (Sovereign tester)
  • Shaft bases or lines, propellers, chairs, water rings
  • Rudders, rudders, ailerons (or daggerboards)
  • Hull grommets and strainers

Survey afloat :

½ sea trial day for examination and testing of :
  • Deck fittings
  • Steering apparatus (transmission, pilot)
  • Navigation electronics
  • Engines and their peripherals (including leak detection and high-speed temperature measurement)
At the port, examination and testing of :
  • Generator (including leakage testing, high speed temperature testing and output voltage testing)
  • Watermaker
  • All valves
  • Watertightness test of portholes
Oil samples for analysis (hot engines, if the oil has more than 20 hours of operation)

Hull and deck:
  • Search for cracks and delamination
  • Deck fittings and equipment
  • Windlass and anchor

Indoor networks

Indoor networks
  • Vannes
  • Fresh water circuit
  • Gas circuit
  • Testing of the entire equipment
  • Examination of electrical circuits
  • Review of protections
  • Examination of the means of loading
  • testing of all equipment
Comfort equipment
  • Inventory and testing of household equipment (if possible)

About 40 to 60 pages with a conclusion:

  • Main recommendations
  • Estimation of market value

Printable edition sent by e-mail (.pdf files) and by post (a CD is sent to your address).
A hardcover, paperback edition can be provided upon request.

If the claimant is absent during the expertise, pre-reporting is possible by video-conference on Skype (1 to 2 hours, about 100 photos with our comments).

General terms and conditions of the expertise
A few days before the expertise, a Mandate of Expertise is sent by e-mail confirming the particular conditions (amount, date, place, time of the appointment …) and all the general conditions for final agreement. The above description is a proposal that can be modified according to the technical and / or safety conditions encountered during the examination and considered as fixed by the applicant.