Description Expertise Catamarans Less than 60′

General course of the expertise

Duration: depending on the size of the vessel 6 to 10 hours of examination, 2 days beyond 50′.
Examination of the vessel if possible both afloat and ashore.
Control, according to the size, from 120 to 150 points with, if possible or significant :

  • Sea trial
  • Survey ashore at least 1/2 hour
  • Oil samples for analysis (if the oil has more than 20 hours of operation)

It is preferable for the Applicant to be present throughout the entire duration of the expertise, as this is a privileged moment to get acquainted with the vessel and possibly resolve any problems discovered.


Immerged parts :

  • Osmosis control (Sovereign tester)
  • Bases or lines of shafts, propellers, chairs, hydrolubic rings
  • Sterns, rudders, fins (or daggerboards)
  • Through-hulls and strainers
  • Hull / aileron or daggerboard shaft connections

Hulls and deck :

  • Hull / nacelle connections
  • AV-beam connections
  • Search for cracks and delamination
  • Deck fittings and equipment
  • Windlass and anchor

Sails and rigging :

  • Overall review
  • Climbing to the top of the mast
  • visual control of capellings, sheaves, lights and wiring.

Power units :

  • Tests
  • Leak detection
  • Visual and auditory inspection
  • Search for hot spots with a laser thermometer
  • Oil samples for analysis

Indoor networks

  • Vannes
  • Electric circuits
  • Fresh water circuit
  • Gas circuit


  • Testing of all equipment

Comfort equipment

  • Testing of all devices

About 40 to 60 pages with a conclusion :

  • Main recommendations
  • Estimation of market value

Printable edition sent by e-mail (.pdf files) and by post (a CD is sent to your address).
A hardcover, paperback edition can be provided upon request.

If the claimant is absent during the expertise, pre-reporting is possible by video-conference on Skype (1 to 2 hours, about 100 photos with our comments).

General terms and conditions of the expertise
A few days before the expertise, a Mandate of Expertise is sent by e-mail confirming the particular conditions (amount, date, place, time of the appointment …) and all the general conditions for final agreement. The above description is a proposal that can be modified according to the technical and / or safety conditions encountered during the examination and considered as fixed by the applicant.